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Page Joseph Kosuth
" Conceptual art, then, is an inquiry by artists that understand that artistic activity is not solely limited to the framing of art propositions, but further the investigation of the function, meaning, and use of any and all (art) propositions, and their consideration within the concept of the general term 'art'. And as well, that an artist's dependence on the critic or writer to cultivate the conceptual implications of his art propositions, and argue their explication, is either intellectual irresponsibility or the naivest kind of mysticism"
Page Eckart Tolle
... you were looking for something and you missed nothing.
Page Lao Tseu
Celui qui sait ne parle pas. Celui qui parle ne sait pas.
Page Louis Aragon
Can the knowledge deriving from reason even begin to compare with knowledge perceptible by sense? No doubt the number of people crass enough to reply exclusively on the former and scorn the latter are sufficient in themselves to explain the disfavor into which everything deriving from the senses has gradually fallen. But when the most scholarly of men have taught me that light is a vibration, or offered me any other fruits of their labors of reasoning, they will not have rendered me an account of what is important to me about light, of what my eyes have begun to teach me about it, of what makes me different from a blind man—things which are the stuff of miracles, not subject matter for reasoning.
Page Albert Einstein
Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.
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