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How to play

ASC proposes several ways to partipate to projects:

  • You found a project to your liking and wish to participate, follow instructions to join a project.
  • There is a team or a person you would like to work with, follow join a team.
  • You are interested in using ASC to develop a project of your own, follow propose a project.
  • You would like to participate with your own team, follow propose a team.
  • You have competences and skills you would like to propose, follow propose competences.
  • Please contact ASC if you are interested in using the platform on your own.


| How to register

 To join ASC, fill in the registration form. You can access it with the menu REGISTER on the top right of the page. For more details, follow the step by step instructions.

For the moment, please contact ASC first by mail at to let us know you wish to register. Thank you for your understanding.

| join a project

Explore projects which are in progress with the help of the menus. They are called PLACES. Within the project that interests you i.e. the project RACINES, go to RESOURCES. Each project is devided into resources needed to be realized with a status of open (for all or for part), or full. 

    1. Choose the resource you would like to REGISTER for i.e. MONITORS in part or all. You will be asked to log in or to join ASC if this is your first time. Follow instructions HOW TO REGISTER above.
    2. Fill in the details for the way you want to participate and save. Your proposition will be reviewed shortly.

    | join a team

    If working with a specific team is your preference, the list of a project's team can be consulted under the PROJECT TEAM of any project.

    In order to consult the project team list, you are required to register first and then to proceed as for JOIN A PROJECT by choosing the way you want to participate.

    | propose a project

    To submit a new project proposal, a membership fee is required to cover for the evaluation of your proposal.

    1. REGISTER to have access privilege.
    2. Download and agree to the membership conditions to ADD your project proposal.
    3. Your project will be reviewed and added to projects PLACES if accepted.

    | propose a team

    1. Your team wants to participate to a project? Each person signs up individually as above.
    2. Your team has a project proposal? Follow the instruction to PROPOSE A PROJECT.

    | propose competences

    Please contact ASC if you would like to share COMPETENCES not listed in the actual projects.




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