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becoming a member

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becoming a member/friend of the asc association


The person promesses to support ASC activities through the membership fee of CHF 150.- per year.

General conditions:

The member/friend is informed of ASC activities by consulting the platform

Current projects descriptions as well of entrance fees are free to members/friends.

The membership is automatically renewed each year. To terminate a membership, a member/friend must inform ASC before the 31 December of the current year for the next. 

Confirm your membership by forwarding the membership request form below and paying the CHF 150.- membership fee to the ASC Association bank account ( IBAN  CH24 0900 0000 1491 8455 0 ).

With our warm and sincere thanks for your support.

You will receive a confirmation of your inscription by mail.


ASC Association Membership request form :

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WORD format

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