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Nicollet Ave. | 55484 | Minneapolis | United States
| 22.02.1981 - 31.03.1981

tension piece

Short description
DIMENSION| 900 X 600 X 300 cm

To express the ephemeral nature of things,
to sketch in three dimensions.

Photographic images as memories or traces.

Play with tension lines,
fluidity and transparences,
with light as it defines or eludes
the nature of interacting elements.

Two volumes made of nylon fabric and streched in place with ropes are pulled out of shape by a multitude of strings, deforming the fabric and giving a sense of skin-like ritualistic marks or of furniture padding. The light catches a line or a volume creating illusions of space in the translucence of the material.

General information
Project state: completed
Project code: 036
Location: Nicollet Ave. | 55484 | Minneapolis | United States
Project dates: 22.02.1981 to 31.03.1981
Project contents
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