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How to register

In order to differentiate you from SPAM attackers, please fill in your real name

How to do a Basic login 



  1. Open the REGISTER link in the top right corner
  2. LOGIN
  4. The status of GUEST PENDING






Information required to be able to login on the platform:



Whether or not you ticked the option to receive an e-mail, you will get the following welcome screen:


Now when you click LOGIN, you get the following screen:


Your home folder

Click the link to your personal home folder on the top line. In the example, the user name is dodo. Click the home folder named dodo dated 21.09.2008 to enter.



Pending guest

You now have the public name of dodo, and the current status of PENDING GUEST.

The status of PENDING GUEST allows you to surf on the platform. It does not give access to view the list of the TEAM MEMBERS of a project, or to ADD A PROJECT. In resources of a project, you will be asked again to JOIN ASC if you want to REGISTER for a resource. A pending guest cannot add comments.

Guest status

The site administrator will shortly approve your registration to a GUEST status.

For more details continue to GUEST STATUS.

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