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About traces

What is produced around installation art projects

With each installation art project, traces are produced to develop, describe, document, explain, illustrate, research, present, tell... Traces are all the derived products created in the process of doing installation art.

You can either visit TRACES of completed projects or traces of current projects which are called PLACES. When you purchase traces or become a Benefactor, you support the realization of installation art projects.

| original work

Original drawings, models, collages, etc. produced with each installation project are for sale when indicated. Until E-SHOPPING facilities is available, please contact ASC for all requests.

| limited editions

Limited editions of photographs, prints, publications are for sale when indicated. Please contact ASC for all requests.

| Pieces of installation

Pieces of installations are supported by Benefactors. Pieces are marked with the seal of the installation and the name or logo of the Benefactor.  All support goes to the realization of the installation art project. To become a Benefactor, please register for the project resource in question. The project RACINES for example proposes to be a benefactor for BAMBOO POLES OR SAILS.

| editions

Copies of photographs, publications, videos, reports, etc., are either free to copy or download, available to download for a fee, or for sale.





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